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We want South African qualifications that are globally respected and universally applicable with relevant skills and knowhow to enable ready employment for all South Africans so that all South Africans can contribute.


We want professional educators that give 110% in the classroom and in extra curricular activities. We want dedicated educators who value their profession and take their responsibilities to their learners and students seriously.


We want learners and students who are prepared to make the social and financial sacrifices that are needed so that they can complete their education programs successfully. This nonsense of dropping out must stop immediately.


We want teaching and learning resources that are relevant and in good order for the purposes that they are needed. We want our schools, colleges and universities to be able to compete internationally with great success.

About Us

Everyday South Africa is a lobbying organisation in the education sector that engages with stakeholders in the education sector to transform the education sector into an economic growth enabling factor. The current state of education in South Africa does not serve the interests of the economy very well and with a terrible school dropout rate, with a terrible matriculation pass rate, with a terrible tertiary throughput rate and with a terrible unemployment rate South Africa is headed for economic meltdown unless something is done and done now. Everyday South Africa is going to ensure that something is done quite seriously to improve quality, to improve inclusivity, to improve professionalism and to improve the general state of the education sector. We have come a long way since all schools went "Model C", since the SETA system was created, since the Training Colleges were rationalised and since the Universities were merged. But today Education is in CRISIS!!!


For Your Inspiration, created by Shaheen Hoosen, has been instrumental in the founding of Everyday South Africa for the purpose of effecting change in the economic prosperity of ordinary people by agitating for change in the education sector.


Tax incentives to encourage taxpaying companies to create and fund bursaries must be implemented, this along with the policy of a state owned education bank that specifically finances anyone cheaply to pay for their education at any level must be prioritised urgently.


By now every learner and student should have a tablet or a laptop provided, insured and serviced for free by the Department of Education. Bold promises were made, lofty tenders were intimated but the ordinary learners and students are still without these critical instruments. 


It is perfectly possible for every learner and student to have free 3G internet for academic purposes. It won't cost very much, the infrastructure is in place, we just need to remove the profiteering from the system and enable global communication for our learners and students.


Everyday South Africa is enthused by the offerings of the online universities, which offer short courses for free or for some money if you want a certificate. These short courses were called Massive Open Online Courses or MOOC's when they were created. The time is now for a South African online platform that curates online short courses from South African universities, colleges and schools, with affordable certificates in South African Rands.

computer science

We need a national plan to get every learner and student not just computer literate, but computer programming literate within the next five years if we want to survive the fourth industrial revolution. This is a critical issue which cannot be ignored. If our learners and students do not know how to program the computers and machines that they use, they will eventually become enslaved to them.


South Africa seems to have given up on manufacturing and producing products, choosing instead to import goods from Asian manufacturing countries. If we are to be a services based economy, we need a culture of good quality service which South Africa doesn't have. We are better off manufacturing what we need ourselves. Exporting raw materials and importing manufactured products is just plain stupid.


The fourth industrial revolution is here and everything is getting "smart" with the internet of things expanding everyday and the need to keep pace with greater integrations between mechanical and electronic processes driving information systems into the terrain of artificial intelligence, machine learning, data science and live internet. Is South Africa actually ready for the future?

Value Creation

Every process in the value chain adds value to the products being produced and the services being provided. If South Africa wants to succeed we have to have a workforce that is geared towards value creation and integrated value chains. The only way to to do this is through rigorous educational focus on technical skills and work experience. We need the SETA systems to be integrated with the colleges completely.


South Africa's position in the international supply chain must be exploited with added capacity in our ports, terminals, logistics hubs as well as road and rail networks. We must introduce Supply Chain Management as part of the Business Studies curriculum at school level. We must create a formal college level training system for the shipping and logistics industries and maximise the potential of South Africa as a gateway to Africa.


We cannot begin to proceed upon a path of creation and value enablement without a clear and dedicated focus on human rights, democracy and the rule of law. We have had untold years of corruption and state capture which have ruined the economy of South Africa with state owned companies all completely gutted. Justice must be served in order for the bright future of an education enabled economy to prosper.

Nelson Mandela

Education is the great engine of personal development. It is through education that the daughter of a peasant can become a doctor, that the son of a mine worker can become the head of the mine, that a child of farm workers can become the president of a great nation. It is what we make out of what we have, not what we are given, that separates one person from another.


From FYI, Shaheen Hoosen is the lead lobbyist for Everyday South Africa, tackling the terrain of the education sector with enthusiasm for change.

Shaheen By Xavier
Shaheen Hoosen

Shaheen Hoosen is the CEO of FYI, the Creator of Inspirationalist, the Founder of Everyday South Africa and a Spirit Leader.